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Article in RIR official site about GNR tour...


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The following is written in the official RIR site:

"Official band information as revealed the dates of the shows GNR is playing in Europe starting with RIR.

The first GNR performance in 2006 will happen in the main stage of the city of Rock in the 27 of may. After this long awiated show Axl Rose will head to Finland where 2 gigs are happening in the Hartwall Arena in the 5 and 6 of June.

On the 9 of June Guns will go to Dublin to the download festival and in the 11 theyll go to London. The gig of 26 of june is the last gig until now and it will take place in the Stockolm Globe.

There are only 69 days left for the opening of RIR and the so awaited moment for the GNR band is comming closer.

Stay focused on the RIR official site because more news will come about this major event."

I know everything it is written we already new but it is always important to see such official articles.

There is also a rumour that MetallicA will fill the gap in the 27 of May. This happens maybe because MetallicA have no booked gig for that day...

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Download is not in London.

thats what is on the article... thats just a translation.....

Any mistake it is not mine.......

This is an article full of mistakes..... :P

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Just a little bit of information about the RIR.... For the fans of DJs and for those that like to dance the Dj on the 27 of may (GNR day) are: Carl Cox, Marco Baily, Trevor rockliffe and Jim Masters....

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I dont think metallica will play on the 27th because that would mean that they would not headline. I dont think hetfield would let axl headline over metallica, mostly because he hates axl from the incident in toronto.

I think you mean Montreal.

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