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3rd Reference To GNR On Official NIN Site

Rebel Yell

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The situation is very pathetic...., what's the purpose????, fuck around with GNR??

Trent Fucking Reznor, GNR fans will kick your ass, and Axl will do it too!!

Goth bastard.... (except Robin :) )

GNR fans are aging with a mortgage and 3 kids.....no ass kicking feared lol.

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OMG OMG OMG... Chris Pitman is in there too!!! :shocked:

LOL, but really though, this is what, the third one now? I wonder what in the hell is up with all the GNR references. :unsure:

third? I've only seen two! :unsure::question:

1. Chinese Democracy sign

2. Axl in the mirror

3. Buckethead in the crowd

More to come I'm thinking...

oh haha thats right!

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Guest JohnUlmer


Is that another Buckethead?

No, i'll post a closeup to prove.


Thanks, but now I'm disappointed. :(


I wonder what they'll do next...probably start giving weird clues for us to decipher or something. I bet they're laughing their asses off!

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They probably did the Chinese Democracy picture, then saw what happened on various boards, thought it was funny and added the Axl picture. Then they read all the conspiracy theories and laughed themselves half to death and added Buckethead.

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