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RATT was a great band, definitely influenced by Van Halen and Aerosmith. I saw them 2nd row in 1986 or 1987. The opening act was a little known band from New Jersey named Bon Jovi. Great show.

Unfortunately, they fell prey to being called a 'hair band'. Oh well, I loved them. Warren DeMartini is a great guitar player, in my opinion.

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Meanwhile in Dec 2009........

Thread update....Stephen Pearcy has been back with Ratt for quite a while, they still have Warren and Bobby Blotzer.

They hired former Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo after John "Crab" left, they still have the guy (Robbie Crane) that

joined after Juan left, and most importantly they have a new album coming out in March 2010 called "Infestation".

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Guest deleted_19765

"Round and Round" really is a classic, that's in their favor. There's nothing more grimy/American like than that song played at a strip club.

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I fucking love that new song! Took a while to get used to Stephen's raspier voice, but it sounds killer! Probably the best song I've heard from a Glam band post-1995 or so.

cool, yea a lot of people from other forums are saying it has a "Detonator" sound to it.

I guess I could agree, but Ratt is just Ratt to me no matter what era.

The new album's release date has been pushed up a bit from March to late April.

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