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Guitar Solo In 'Let It Be'


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The original guitar solo in Let It Be is epic, but the more current digitalized version of the song, where the new guitarplays over the original guitar solo is so annoying to me. I'm bored, but does anyone agree with me?

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I don't think any version is annoying, but I do prefer the orignal solo. It has a harsher, rawer sound to it.

But the newer version was how they would have wanted it, i.e. its not the Phil Spector version.

The only thing they changed in the song Let it Be in 2003whe the reissue came out was the tone of George's guitar

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On a slightly different subject, whats better out of let it be and let it be naked?

I personally prefer Let it Be Naked, its how they originally want it.

The track listing is in a more logical order, and the quality is better. Plus there is an awesome Lennon song, Don't let me down, on it.

However, there are a couple of characteristic Lennon quotes on it before some of the song on the original.

So bascially, I would get the naked version, then get the original if you are a big fan

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