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Santana yesterday!


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Yesterday I went to see Santana, and man, he can put on an amazing live show! In my life I've never seen anything like it. I went with my brother and his girlfriend, btw. They started playing some pretty groovy latin songs, there were some people dancing, still. They are all awesome musicians, it must have taken them years to do that. The drummer was incredible, also the trombone (sp?) players kicked ass, the only one that wasn't in the same level was the bassist, who has been replacing the original dude, he did a great job anyway (it's hard to match those dudes, no matter who you are), though his volume was a tad low.

Of course, there was Carlos Santana as well. On the third or second song, can't remember, he did some kickas stuff with a slide -- Quite amazing. They kept playing, and Santana did an acoustic jam that lead to Maria, Maria. Quite good response from this, but there was a lot of screaming when Samba Pa Ti began a few songs later -- Even some crazy bitch screams from me.

Right after Maria, Maria, Carlos talked some pretty philosophical stuff. Before he began his speech, he said that he was glad to be back at Peru, "Sacred land of flying saucers". This was his first concert, though, because he came once in the 70's and I don't know what happened but his things were confiscated. He came back for revene and did a crazy show. Anyway, then he talked about peace and war and I don't know what, but he said that problems in the world weren't our fault, but Bush's fault. No offense to anyone.

The show went on smoothly, except for some shouting discussion my brother and some girls had because they wouldn't fucking sit down. La Portuguesa was quite cool. By the time of the bass solo I needed to go to the bathroom, and my brother shouted obscenities at a dude who didn't want to make the queue to use the limited amount of bathrooms available.

Anyway, we got out of the bathroom after the drum solo, dammit. There was a jam and then the familiar keyboard part of Black Magic Woman started -- And everybody went fucking nuts. Everybody on their feet clapping their hands to the groove. The ending was quite cool. Right after it came Oye Como Va, that lasted about 7 minutes. It was quite exciting to hear the band, plus 25,000 people, singing the song. There was everything -- Incredible band performance, Santana pulled off the solos nicely, and cool keyboard parts. They played parts of Sunshine Of Your Love and Owner Of A Lonely Heart, I loved that.

We had to leave after that because of traffic. Outside I heard Smooth, the first minutes of Corazon Espinado and then I was gone. He only did a jam afterwards, and then it was over. Oye Como Va would have been an incredible closer.

That was it, feel free to discuss Santana. Has anyone else seen him live? I thought it was the most incredible thing I've seen.

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