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song: Real World

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Real World

You lie cheat and steal

i wonder how it'd feel

to be just like you

its mother fucking true

you're a crack handlin' whore

you took the wrong door

your lifes bringin down

dont you mother fucking frown

it was all your fault, we tried to aid in your time of need

but all you attempt is to thrive and feed on life

life for you, you know its true

its about drugs, and fun

but when that ends its over for you

you dont know what its like in the real world

i said' you dont know what its like in the real world

there were always concious warnings

and your life was on the line,

we tried to help you out, but instead

you tried to shine

you took it all upon yourslef but like i said before

you've never been in the real world you're just a fucking whore

you could live without the plant, but when you told me you cant

you were talkin bout the vain game called heroin

you called me all the time just to beg n' cheat n' whine,

and what kind of game do you wanna play?

you're livin like a stray

leachin' off of others in world thats so bleak

just get off this mother fuckin' streak

youu, you can find the door

cuz like i said you're just a mother fucking whore


Get out of my life, just get out of my liiiiife

[end scream/sing]

[deep speaking voice]

welcome to the real world

[end voice]

James S.- yet another crappy addition

Edited by J-Studham
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