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November Rain / Estranged questions for musicians

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I've always wondered. Most bands I've seen younger guys get together, don't usually involve pianos, keyboards etc. With songs like NR and Estranged, would that be something that a band would even try to tackle? Or do they just avoid because of the obvious focus on the keyboards. A friend of mine back in the day, was a total Zeppelin head, that's all his band would really rehearse with, and when I mentioned November Rain he would always say that it's a terrific song, and the guitar work is great. But when I went a step further and asked if they would ever try pulling a song like that off, I always got the same reaction -

I don't think so

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Probably because the piano work for NR and Estranged actually requires sitting down learning the song. As well the songs are in Flat..and many notations I've seen for these songs assumed the recording piano was in standard tuning. Therefore instead of being in C major, NR appears to be in BMajor..and the ending in Bminor...that's not the easiest scale to play on Piano..Cmajor is..lol

Estranged would be even worse.

To get it by ear would also be a pain in the ass for people not used to learning music in flat. I learned those piano tunes by pitching the track up 1/2 a step and playing along with them. No problem for a guitarist because we can easily tune down...piano is not so simple.

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The orchestra isn't that bad really...most keyboards that ppl use live have a decent strings bank..which can be made hybrid with the keys...

I think the biggest thing, is taht it's such a long song, that some ppl aren't determined enough, or good enough to learn something like that in it's entire length...

Both Esg. and NR aren't your typical verse chorus songs either...

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