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okay, has your computer ever went into safe mode? where everythings all grey and big? mine has too, but now its stuck like that and i have no sound! does anyone know how i can re-install my graphic card and sound card? for some reason they just have no trace on my computer anymore.. ive tried changing the picture level back, but i get an error, it says "abnormal program termination"

James S. anything would help :( thanks!

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Ok, you just need to get out of safe mode - it's not a big deal to do.

Turn your computer off, then back on. As the first screen comes on (the black one with all the diagnostics information on it), begin to tap your F8 Key. If done correctly, you should come into a "Startup Menu" which gives you the option of starting your computer in the following modes:

Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu


1. Normal

2. Logged (\BOOTLOG.TXT)

3. Safe mode

4. Step-by-step confirmation

5. Command prompt only

6. Safe mode command prompt only

Select "Normal" and your computer should boot normally.

You might not get into the startup menu first go! You have to time the F8 tapping thing right -- it can be a bit of Trial and Error if you get me. If you hit F8 too many times, then you might get a 'sticky key' error - your computer starts beeping and your keyboard won't work.

Give it a few tries until you get into the Startup Menu. It'll work. ;)

EDIT: I forgot to add - if you try a few times and can't get it, then there's another way of doing it. We'll wait and see if this works first - if not, we can try the msconfig method.

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Some times thing glitch for no reason, if ME has system restore try that, it may help.Restore to a point when your system was fine.

thanks :) , but for some reason system restore doesnt work anymore haha

thanks highvoltageacdc for helping me find the problem!!! (it was a software problem)

James S. :heart:

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it wierd... because safe mode is supposed to help you find a problem in your computer...

as a result many programs that start with Windows won't go on.. what's wierd is that your internet connection is not supposed to work while being in a safe mode.. and you have taken a screenshot of an internet page...

see, by restarting the computer you'are supposed to get to the normal position again...

when the computer is analyzing (sp?) your system etc. you'll get this black screen with several options... the first one is "Normal".. just press Enter and you'll be ok...

is there any chance that you're mistaken? you might have entered to a DOS mode/program by a mistake.

your PC might be in a "Real Mode"- it's related to DOS and it doesn't allow "Multi Tasking". in this case your processor- no matter what type it is, will imitate a 8088 processor and do the things I say above...

hmm.. well... you're not in a "Protected Mode" because then everything's supposed to be fine..



this whole comment is rubbish... I just wrote some note there...

what i tried to say is that getting out of a safe mode is really easy...


if nothing is changed after restarting and choosing the Normal option in the black screen I mentioned- you may consider a Windows re-installation... if there's something really important on your PC move it to drive "D" and then while installing the only partition you format is "C" and after formatting set the C partition as the Primary one and make sure it's "Active"- otherwise your PC won't go on...

there's always the possibility of calling a technician instead of listening to the wierd advices you get on the mygnr forum :):) :xmasssanta:

(how many bullshit in one post)...

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