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The 100 unsexiest men in the world


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2003? stupid turds. like OMG Axl Rose IS SO TOTALLY SEXY :wub:


ah that remindes me someone :unsure: hmm let me think .....

..............actually that would be ..well that would be me :ph34r: or the millions of Axllites out there :lol: ah the wonders of being obessed :ph34r:

If they want to put him on that list , at least judge by what he looks now in the present. Check the recent pics of him and then tell me what you think . I dont think he looks bad at all

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Why the heck wasn't Seal on that list? I mean, the guy has a huge scar on his face!

those "scars" are actually marks from his tribe in africa, and he happend to be very proud of it <_<

They're still ugly. :chef:

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Guest swwet_child

As much as i love Axl i must admit i didn't like how Axl looked at the VMAs either. He's still my no1 though. B)

But my real problem is: Brad Pitt on the list? I mean c'mon get real. :lol:

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Being cool doesn't necessarily equate sexy. Axl is pretty scarey looking lately if you look at his recent photos. Maybe his ass looks pretty good since that's where a lot of people on this list seem to be planting their lips.

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The article is probably written by a guy anyway. I think it's probably just a jelousy thing-

Anyway, people will come up with anything for an article. Most everything written these days is total bullshit, worthless mind puke.

But then, who gives a shit what Axl looks like? I care what he sounds like. Maybe his female fans care....

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:rofl-lol: thats sooo sad..

im sorry but i think sexy is the way u look, dress, walk and the attitude!!!

and im sorry but i think Axl is totally sexy!!!

o well..i guess they are just materialistic ignorant ppl but thats ok....

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