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H & B (or The Dizzy Reed Band), April 7th, Foxwoods?


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Is anyone going to this show?

It's a 10 PM start time at the Hard Rock Cafe inside Foxwoods.

I'm pondering heading down there, but I'm not sure yet.

Axl's still in NYC, I think.....wonder if he'll come up to see the Dizzwald?

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SHouldn't dizzy be rehearsing with the band by now.

Everything is pointing to another disappointing summer for gnr fans. no album, poor performances...

He commented at the Webster show that he had to miss rehersals to be at the show.

So, I'm guessing rehersals must be actually going on.....


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dizzy is back in LA...for GNR Rehearsals.

the line up is:

Jizzy Pearl (Ratt/Love-Hate)

Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot/Beautiful Creatures)

Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion 05-06)

Scotty Griffin (Plays w/ Hookers on guitar..bass on this run)

You'll hear more guns n roses w/ this line up actually seeing Jizzy sang w/ Steven Adler for a year in Adler's Appetite...

JJ TOON South Windsor CT 4/8

Tequila's Bar and Grill Danvers, MA 4/9


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Guest RonMexico82

Dizzys priorities are up his fucking ass. Nobody should be doing anything other than rehearsals right now and that includes Axl. This tour is going to make or break Axl Rose. I didn't say Guns N' Roses cos they broke up in '93. Man if I am anywhere near the front in Dublin I am gonna grill Axl about Chinese Democracy the poor fucker won't be able to hear a goddamn thing except my questions.

The answers to which will immediately appear here. LOL

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