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New Axl Interview??


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Not for nothing, but that cover isn't exactly the cover visible at Kerrang, itself.


Edit: And no, I can't find a larger version of it....I'm looking.

Edit2: I found your version on Kerrang's website, too:



And it says this at the above link:

"The April 8, 2006 issue of Kerrang! is a landmark issue in the magazine's 25 year history. In addition to giving readers an Access All Areas pass into HIM's recent Japanese tour, grilling Fall Out Boy about their sex lives, exploring the inside of Muse's Matt Bellamy's mind and re-visiting Guns N' Roses most outrageous interview ever, "

In other words...it's a rehash.

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And that goes for all you punks in the press

That want to start shit by printin' lies instead of the things we said

That means you

Andy Secher at Hit Parader

Circus Magazine

Mick Wall at Kerrang

Bob Guccione Jr. at Spin,

What you pissed off cuz your dad gets more pussy than you?

Fuck you

Suck my fuckin' dick

I think it says it all about what he thinks about them and where thair credability lies ;)

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A new interview with the most reclusive man in rock, and he doesn't make the cover??

I call bullshit.


Ville appears on the cover due to the fact that his band is trying to get more hype after joining a big label (Sire Records). So they are promoting them after a soon UK Tour happening already in place.


The Photographer did an actual Photoshoot of Ville Valo nearly two months ago, Axl hasnt taken any Promo shots for anyone so I doubt that would give a reason to make the front cover just yet. I dont think you want to see that photo of Axl in the Airport as the front cover now? :P


Yes, his Article has been talked about in some other place already. It isnt a big one nor that interesting. Its about the old info is known from what I can tell. So dont expect anything big about this.

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How seriously can you take a rock rag like that when it Places HIM and Fall Out Boys above GUNS N' ROSES :P

Even if its a rehash.... it should be front and center full cover.

I bet you could probably find the interview over at HTGTH

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