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I'd pay money to see Axl up against Donald Trump in the Apprentice.

Who would say, "You're fired" first????


I could see Axl on Hollywood Squares.

Contestant: "I'll take Axl in the far left for the tie"

Game show host: "Axl, what rock band's singer had a missing tooth?"

Axl replies..."well, the one and only fraud boy, Scott Weiland".

Game show host: "Do you agree with Axl?"

Contestant: "yes"

Game show host: "That is correct.....you have an X for the tie"


a judge on American Idol but I'd see him kicking Simon's ass!!!!!!

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australian idiol :rofl-lol:, i might watch it then.

or bondi rescue :rofl-lol:

he could make a guest appearance where he is pulled out of the surf by the lifeguards...because he's passed out when some seaweed touch his foot. :rofl-lol:

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Axl on the Price is Right, I can see it now...

Bob Barker: Make sure the wheel goes all the way around Axl

Axl: I'll spin it however the fuck I want Bob!

lol reminds me of happy gilmore

the price is wrong bitch!

edit:lol i put billy madison instead of happy gilmore

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i'd like to see him as a judge on american idol or rockstar.. just for the sake of seeing him kick some asses lol

i wouldn't like him to be on surreal life or those kind of realities cuz that's just plain pathetic and i don't want him to embarrass himself.. he's not that desperate..

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Biggest Loser.

kidding relax.

axl could be the host where he rides your fat ass into the ground!, while doing you a favour!,

by the way those 2 trainers bob and the big G !........ came to australia and did a much better version of the biggest loser ...australian style.

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Axl has to do the Charlie Rose Interview of course. <_<

Or the Actor's Studio with James Lipton. :P

If Axl does another Kurt Loder interview I think I'll

vomit. No, I'm just kidding. Loder is cool. :shades:

I'd like to see more Axl on that VH1 cartoon with Arnold

Schwarzenegger in the US Senate or in the McDoogals

w/Bucket..."Welcome to McDoogals, can I take your order


An from the Great State of Indiana...What is a tort..."It's a muffin"

some of you will get that...the rest of you will ponder. :drevil::question:

Those that do, post it for those that have not seen it yet. It's

absolutely hilarious and worth it to watch it again. :rofl-lol:



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MTV Cribs, that would be amazing with him being a very very private person.

Otherwise the Weakest Link (UK Edition with Anne Robinson), could you imagine it,

Anne Robinson "Slash why did you vote for Axl"

Slash "Well Anne, y'Know he kinda got one more question more wrong than I did"

Anne Robinson "Duff why did you vote for Axl"

Duff "Axl was clearly weaker and took too long to answer some of his questions he even paused for 15 seconds to answer one question and he banked no money either"

Slash "yeah right Duff, Axl you banked no cash"

Anne Robinson "Shut up Slash"

Anne Robinson "Axl, you are the weakest link, goodbye"

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