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SD APH-1b, SH-6b or SH-8b?

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Totally agree with johnezz about the JB. I have one of those, and also a Dimarzio evolution, and they both scream in their respective guitars. If you want a fucking sweet pickup, Gibson made these weird looking pickups in their "Jacksony" phase that had a kind of circuitboard looking back. Theres one in my Epiphone USA Pro superstrat, and it rules.

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Alright, so the SH-4 JB for bridge yeah?

I'm hoping to put an APH-1n in the neck too for a bit of bluesy rock (and GNR solo stuff), will it in any way dampen the sound of the SH-4 or vice-versa?

What do people think of the SH-6 Duncan Distortion pickups? I want a good hard rock tone out of them, will they provide it?

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