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USB Adapter problems

Guest JohnUlmer

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Guest JohnUlmer

I bought a Linksys USB adapter for my desktop. Actually, I bought two for two separate computers. So I plugged in one to my desktop. It worked for five minutes before being bombarded with spyware crap (I think there were viruses on the computer, and I hadn't used it in six months so they were all waiting to be "unleashed" so to speak and as soon as the connection to the Internet was detected they all just flooded everywhere).

I think the damage of the spyware attack fucked it up permanently. I contacted Linksys and they said it was broken and to return it to the store.

So I reformatted my hard drive. No spyware, adware, viruses, or anything on the hard drive. The first thing I installed was the USB Adapter. Worked beautifully yesterday.

Today it suddenly stopped working. The light stopped blinking. No connection to the router, blah blah blah. I restarted the computer, it worked again...for about five minutes, then stopped blinking again.

It keeps doing this. After I restart it works for a little while. Then it goes dead. When I unplug it and plug it in again, it says the device has malfunctioned and isn't recognized. :no:

Linksys is no help. I contacted them about the last adapter and the girl on the other end was clueless and was just reading from a manual. Took her about five minutes to respond to me every time.

Anyone know what may be interfering with this?

I am sharing large files over the home network I set up...movies and music...would this large quantity of files possibly bog down the network and be causing it to crash?

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