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Hi guys, im using AVG and its good but i can't be arsed with being notified every time there is some issue, anybody know how to get it to heal or delete infections in the back ground so it don't annoy me?

Also i keep getting random pop ups even when not viewing web pages, im using one a got with a google toolbar, anybody know of good blockers?

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Re pop ups. Go up to Tools, there should be an option called "Pop Up Blocker" - switch it on. That stops about 95% of them.

If you dont have that, dunno, I think you can get them free as downloads on the internet.

Re AVG, I have that too. the only time it annoys me is when it does an update and for some reason it feels the need to tell me everytime by popping up into my face and showing me. My answer: just minimise it and move on.

Its kinda like a cat I once had that everytime it caught a bird or a mouse it would come to the door and meow real loud till I came out and saw it. Then it went away. AVG is a bit like that - it likes you to see it doing updates for you.

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