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Upcoming tour


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Well according to Axl "We're working on thirty-two songs, and twenty-six are nearly done..."

Does this mean there is going to be loads of new material on the upcoming tour? If so does this mean they won't have enough time to play some classics like Nightrain and Mr.Brownstone? I'm guessing they will always play SCOM and WTTJ etc. But am I going to be missing out on some truely great songs. (Before I get roasted, I'm not saying playing loads of new material is a bad thing).


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Well the warm up shows will probably be a wierd mix of tunes.

The summer festival sets will be "greatest hits" sets most likley. So expect mostly hits with a few new ones.

Im betting off what we've heard:

The Blues, Madagascar, Better, catcher - Played every night

Chinese Democracy, IRS, There was a Time - Played off and on / mixed up

Silkworms, oh my god, rhiad - not played.

You may also see the re-emurging of some old classic's as well. Mabey don't cry/civil war. I also think the set will be less appetite based than 2001/2. (probably no my michelle, think about you, out ta get me)

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