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wireless t'internet problem!!!!!!!!


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Im counting on you pc boffins to help!! (you know who you are :heart: )

so... Okies, here you go....

I want to set up a wireless internet thing, with me and my sisters pc.... i have 37653.jpg (linksy)

it says on the disk that came with it to disconnect the cable that connects your modem to your pc and plug into your router.. pretty easy.. but then it says plug the end you disconnected from your pc and plug into your router.. problem :( the end that i disconnected is usb, but the input to the router is, i think ethernet.. heres a picture to show you incase thats not what it's called (not the same model, but the bottom image is sort of the same as mine..) linksy4pt.jpg

so ummm... yeah... help!! :(:heart:

would a USB>ethernet adapter work.. or do i need to re set up my broardband so that it used ethernet??



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Guest JohnUlmer

Just go buy some ethernet cables. You should only need two. You don't even have to follow the instructions exactly. Take one ethernet cable, plug an end into the router (the main port on the back, to the left). Plug other end into modem. Then plug another ethernet jack into one of the router ports (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and put the other end in the back of your PC. After you get it setup you'll be able to get a wireless USB adapter or PCI card for desktops which will make it wireless. So you'll just have the router plugged into the modem and have no use for the second ethernet cable anymore.

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