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Local Band Break Up


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News:Local Marlborough Band "Envelope to Everyone" breaks up today. The keyboardist Rachel had no comment. Lead singer and guitarist Matt apparently is breaking up the band because it's "Just not working". Preforming numerous live shows all over the area, the band had quite a reputation for just being able to show up and hammer away. With the departure of the recent bass and guitarist,it looks like thier throwing in the towel. "No one wanted to write material, no one wanted to practice, I just need a fresh start." Matt said late friday. The band will not be preforming a farewell concert due to the recent cutback of members, but will be preforming a greatest hits album. Origonal reports by Matt's brother as "Greatest Tits:The Greatest Hits of Envelope to Everyone", it was changed due to feminazis who forced Matt into a cage and made to do slave labor for 4 months in thier basement. Since then it has been renamed "The Fettucchini Affair:the Greatest Hits of Envelope to Everyone". "We're sad to see it go, but we know it's for the best" Matt said. In the spirit of Tsi and Tribute, studio outtakes and covers only are on this album.

Track Listing:

Come Together

Black Hole Sun-Accoustic

Knockin On Heaven's Door

California Uber Alles

Matt's Jam

Space Oddity


Smells Like Teen spirit-Accoustic

2 Unrelesed studio stacks

Horse With No Name

Matt's Jam 2

Rock Lobster

Additionally musicians from the local are are jumping in to aid in the recording. This adds to the "No Farewell Show" policy. "We're putting our all into this album. I don't think our all will ever come out like that on stage again" Matt said saddly as he walked away.

In better news Matt is looking for a new band instead of a solo record.

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