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I just heard the new Pearl Jam album....


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LOL..............how does it compare to the other greats like Ten??

I would say it is right up there. Eddie said it was their "Heaviest Album yet, because America is angry" I don't agree, not their "heaviest" but it's really good. Much better then their past few efforts. It's not mellow that's for sure..

I will have to give it a few more listens to get the full effect.

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My friend downloaded the leaked album and gave it to me - we both decided it didn't sound quite finished though... like the levels weren't right and stuff - maybe not yet fully produced?

I like it - I wouldn't say "amazing" yet, based on the version of the album I have. Definately better than their other recent efforts though...

I'll wait for the real thing in my hands before I judge.

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