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Oasis - Let's all make believe

Gallagher Rose

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I 100% agree. Oasis could put out a B-sides CD that rivals most bands A -sides. Masterplan is a good example of that!! Flashbax, I won't let you down, The masterplan, acquiesce. Every one an ace song. Glad to see a fellow Oasis fan here.

Yeah!!The Masterplan has tons of great songs.I have a double album,made by myself with b-sides and extra songs and they are better than most of the crap we heard in the radio and mtv today..the songs you wrote are really ace,I would add Shout it out loud,Round are way,I will believe and other great ones to this list :D

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You've got the heart of a star, ome way road, I got the fever, man I could go on forever. Can't wait for next single "boy with the blues".

I heard they are not realeasing BWTB anymore,cuz Noel is lazy nowadays and he´s going to see the world cup :( Don´t know if it´s true.

I thought Love like a bomb was going to be their last single of DBTT.

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Well as long as they throw in some b-sides I'll be happy. DBTT has been scarce with B-sides this time. Most were available on import versions of the album and then tacked onto the singles. I do like Pass Me Down The Wine. If you are needing any of the b-sides drop me a PM mate.

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