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Just Got The New TOOL CD


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i'm not a huge die hard Tool fan, just a casual listener. This cd sounds pretty damn good though. most of the songs are pretty long- a couple of which go just over 11 minutes.Lipan Conjuring isn't really a song- it's just some weird chant like sounds, but other than that, the rest is good.

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Guest JohnUlmer

I gave it a listen, nothing really stood out. It's my first Tool album so maybe I just don't like their style of music -- I have nothing to compare it to.

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Tool generally take a few listens to come to terms with. I've got the first couple of tracks from 10,000 days, and more are being downloaded now (Yes, I'm 100% gaurenteed to buy the CD as well). But so far it's pretty damn good. There are always a few weird tracks like chanting and the like on Tool albums, some of them are hilarious too! As for the song length, there are many proper Tool songs that come in under the 6 minute mark, so these are pretty normal!

Roll on June, I'm seeing them twice in London :D:D:D:D

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