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**Don't post or request the presale password(s) here**


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Hey guys,

It's really important that we don't post the presale password for the NYC shows anywhere here on this site (or anywhere else for that matter). Doing this gives scalpers the chance to access the presales, which defeats the purpose of having them in place.

It's a good thing that management has organised this for the fans - let's help them make it work by doing what we can to keep the password secret. This way, they won't be reluctant to repeat this process in the future.

At the end of the day, you're only disadvantaging yourself and other Guns N' Roses fans by spreading what the password is.

Action will be taken against those who post the password, hint at what it might be, request the password through a PM etc. This rule will be in place for future pre-sales should they occur again.

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Also, another important add-on...

...Dont believe sob-stories! Scalpers WILL sign on here and give phony stories about being "true fans" desperate to see their favourite band for the last time. Don't buy into it and don't PM them the passwords, no matter how convincing they seem!

They sink low to make a quick buck. Sad, but true.

Be suspicious of anyone new that PM's you for the password!

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