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Who else didn't get the new password email?


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If you want to land tickets during the presale, use this strategy and I guarantee your success :

1: Go to www.time.gov in a separate window, so you can see the official US time which is extremely close to ticketmaster time. I say this so you don't hit refresh too many times if your watch is off, because ticketmaster can lock you out sometimes.

2: Get the password in your clipboard on your computer. A good way to make sure this is right is do start-run, in windows, type the password, highlight it, and hit control-C to copy it.

3: When it is 11 AM, hit refresh every 4-5 seconds, no more than that.

4: The second you see the info appear, scroll down, click into the passwork box, and hit Control-V to copy the password in. Select the number of tickets you want, and place the order, quickly. You'll beat probably 90% of the crowd and get your tix right away if you take these steps.

Good luck with the 11 AM PRESALE!!!

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It isn't like the password was hard to figure out. It was rumoured to be that anyways, my question is, is it going to be the same one for the next presale. Somebody's got to know that already got tickets, please help me out, I'm not sobbing about missing it, just asking someone who knows and already got tickets to spread the love.

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GNR management just did it to piss with you Kaneda. They've seen the threads you've been posting week after week, month after month, year after year. :P

That's exactly what I was thinking. :laugh:

probably did lol

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