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Ticket Brokers and The Tickets On Ebay


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Ok, I am a LONG time fan and have seen the band before and was one of the very first to buy AFD WAY back in 1987 when they were just a blip on the screen.

Lets do some simple economics on ticket reselling.

There is say 7000 total tickets for both shows correct?? That means around 3500 per show. WELL 500 each show went to people associated with GNR.

So for arugment sake lets say there is 6000 left.

I would venture to say around 250,000 people would like to go to this show who are within traveling distance to the venue.

Lets say they all lined up to get tickets, lets say 6000 sold right away and YOU were number 6001 in line.

Lets say there are NO more brokers and every ticket has to match the buying name ok??

So there is NO way you can buy a ticket from anybody anywhere at all.

You are going to tell me you are happy that you did not go to the show because other people are lucky enough to go?? Ya right!

Brokers provide a service. A shitty service and one that would piss off the mildest of people, however they are needed in regards to shows like this. Now charging 400 a ticket is not right, but 200 hey that is what the market is bearing.

Stop crying, they normally hold around 10% of the entire show, because you did not get a ticket does not mean a broker has YOUR ticket, it means you might of been number 6001. Being 6001 you need a broker. Because if not, you would NOT be able to attend the show.

No I am not a broker just a LONG time fan who has paid brokers to see GNR. Get over it do what generations have done.

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There were tickets listed on Ebay BEFORE the presale by scalpers who ASSUMED that they would get tickets.

To make it really clear - don't assume that someone on Ebay has tickets.

There are plenty of extra tickets circulating WITHIN the fan community. Just relax and check out the classifieds and trading sections of the forums over the next couple of days.

Mysteron (who organized the pre-sale) said that the pre-sale was 75% of the available tickets.

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