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Whats So Bad About Rhiad?

Digital Roses

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loads of people think rhiad is a bad song etc

but whats so bad about it?

personally i think its better than IRS.

It`s not that bad, but it sucks....

nah, just don`t like the tecno beats to it...

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Rhiyad is fantastic, I'm gutted there won't be a studio version, it's the kind of song the current GnR stuff lacks, something utterly ferocious that rocks like a bastard. Better nearly gets there but it's too slow and too melodic in places.

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rhiad aint bad, just needs some work, and better lyrics than "ohhh, ohhh ohhh, ohhh, ohhh oh oh oh oh"

and maybe a good quality version wuld help.

Yeah i def think if we had versions that are as good as some of the Blues and Madagascar ones we'd like it a whole lot more.

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I think it's a fucking great song.. The only problem seems to be that axl has problem to stay in tune when he sings the "ohh ooohh" part..

A studio version of this song would kick ass, but pleease.. keep buckets amazing solo

btw anyone know where to find tabs for this song?

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