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Estranged for piano?

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Simplest thing to play on the piano in the world. It's just a collection of chords - mess around with them as you will: -


1.Right hand: G Bb D

Left hand: G (the one below middle C) G

^^ When you're talking to yourself and nobody's...

2.Right hand: E G C

Left hand: C C


3.Right hand: G Bb D

Left hand: G (the one below middle C) G

^^ Look out for yourself, you can't end this world a...

4.Right hand: E G C

Left hand: C C

^^ ...lone, alone.

5.Guitar solo: Just muck around with the chords from 2 and 4.

6.Right hand: Bb D F

Left hand: Bb Bb

^^ So nobody ever told you baby

7.Right hand: G E C

Left hand: C C

^^ How it was gonna be

8.Right hand: B D G

Left hand: G G

^^ no vocals (Repeat chords 8 times, play around with them a bit)

9.Right hand: Eb G Bb

Left hand: Eb Eb

^^ So what'll happen to you baby

10.Right hand: Eb G Bb

Left hand: F F

^^ Guess we'll have to wait and see

The rest of the song uses the same chord patterns. Just pick up the key that Axl's singing in and relate it to the three different sets of chords. Even if you pick the wrong set of chords, it still doesn;t sound too bad if you sing loud enough!

Here's what it should sound like (November Rain's on there as well): - http://s53.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0G5W8F8...A02UUD2D4VGZBQ3

For the piano solo, check a few threads down.

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