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Ticket Swap - Hammerstein


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I have two floor tickets for the 17th that I want to swap for the 12th! The 12th is the only show I would be able to make

:D let's all help each other out here!

If you can swap, send me an email at seestuffgo@gmail.com

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ALSO I have 2 MORE for SUNDAY the 14th....my gf is handicapped and couldnt endure the floor section i am certain.

I was just wondering if someone would be willing to offer up 2 nice mezz tickets id trade my 2 ga floor tickets for both nights. 12th and 14th GA FLOOR FOR 2 MEZZ TICKETS ON THE 12TH. ID EVEN SWEETEN IT UP WITH SOME CHING


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got 2 floor tickets to the 15th show, I need 2 tickets to the 14th. Anyone want to trade?

I live in NYC and am looking for 2 to 4 tickets to either the SUnday 5/14 show or the Wed. 5/17 show? I'd be more than willing to pay the face value of the tickets + whatever surcharges you had to incur. I am desperate for one of these 2 nights and would sit anywhere in the building (although obviously prefer the floor)! Please PM me and I will get back to you IMMEDIATELY!

Thanks one and all.

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I had a buyer fall through.... so I've got two tickets floor tickets for sale for the 15th. Please PM or email me @ ashjones2000@hotmail.com

also it looks like I may have a 2nd flaky buyer for my two floor tickets for the 14th as well. Let me know if y

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