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Chinese Democracy


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This is in the Rock in Rio Web Site! They love Guns n Roses.

Rock in Rio - Chinese Democracy

Chinese Democracy, the most expensive record ever

It’s been 12 years since Guns n’ Roses’ last album was released and Axl Rose claims that Chinese Democracy will come out before the summer.

Guns n’ Roses are still considered to be the largest music phenomenon in the world, and this is owing, in part, to Axl Rose’s unique persona.

The band’s frontman insists that the new album’s release is due shortly and rumour has it that it was already heard during Axl’s birthday party in a bar in New York. This rumour extended itself to the Internet, with the claim that a few of the songs featured in Chinese Democracy could already be heard but the truth is that so far none of this has been established.

Axl Rose seems determined to end the long wait and finally release the record which, according to Geffen Records and quoted in Spanish magazine Popular 1 ‘until now has cost 13 million dollars’.

‘The Spaghetti Incident’, released over 12 years ago, was Guns n’ Roses’ last album to date. But not even the wait has caused the millions of fans worldwide to quit; they are eagerly waiting this memorable band’s stage performance.

Axl Rose flares up passion and hatred in much the same way and he is the core element behind both the band’s success and its split, a band which, despite the fact that all its original members left the line-up, never truly came to a halt.

In the past 12 years many bands have reached the same level of success and in some cases have released more albums than Guns n’ Roses themselves. Yet, it is almost certain that Axl Rose will focus all the attention on himself and once again, shine Guns n Roses all the way to the top.

The snippets of information divulged by Axl Rose point to Chinese Democracy hitting the stores this year. According to some press, March was considered the ‘it’ month but so far, nothing happened.

We are already mid-April and everything seems to show that new light will be shed on the matter during the band’s performances in New York (allegedly on May 12th, 14th, 15th and 17th), in preparation for their European Tour. This Tour will kick-off at Rock in Rio-Lisboa on May 27th.

Despite all the doubts, it is impossible to deny that Axl Rose still holds a flame to the millions of his fan’s hearts. Some of them have never seen the band live and they are anxious that the day has come when they will be face to face with the Guns n’ Roses legend.

Is this a game or simply Axl Rose’s way of being? No one truly knows. The truth is that Axl is still the life and soul of the band that engrained songs like ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, ‘November Rain’, ‘Think About You’ in the history of music.

Who better than Axl to keep the fans’ interest going for over 12 years? Expectations are high and every time Chinese Democracy is mentioned seems like the first.

The one certainty we have is that on May 27th Guns n’ Roses will be at Rock in Rio-Lisboa where they will kick-off their European Tour. With or without the release of Chinese Democracy, this show will be unforgettable.

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awesome article. One of the best

especially this part

The truth is that Axl is still the life and soul of the band that engrained songs like ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, ‘November Rain’, ‘Think About You’ in the history of music.
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If I am not mistaken, the most expensive album ever made is Michael Jackson's "INVINCIBLE". The cost of the album was over 20 million.

The 13 million dollar quote, was some time ago. I am sure it is a few million more by now...

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You guys are a trip. :lol:

Hey, I love Axl too and hope he comes back and kicks ass. But let's get real for a second here. This is not so much an "article" as it is a valentine to Axl Rose. Yet it gets the stamp of approval from the masses here.

But oh, GOD FORBID someone does an article that is anything less than glowing and you all want the guy e-bombed and fired on the spot. :rolleyes:

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This article is good in the way of keeping things positive. I'd much rather hear CD is coming out sooner than later than hear things about it in a negative light.

Not me.

I don't like just seeing Axl ripped up and down, but not everything has to be glowing. There have been a lot of problems throughout this process and to pretend there has not been is foolish.

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