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images too small when put on photobucket?


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wow - i thought it was a pretty legit question.. such a condescending reply wasnt necessary in my opinion.

and also, its not the link that is a problem - if i go into my account and look at hte pictures i upload, even on the website itself they are noticeably smaller than the original picture.... so let that rule out the question of my intellegence, please.

(excuse me for taking such offense, but in this section of the forum, in respect to all the others, i would expect much less hostility and much more help/advice from a source of knowledge to a source of concern - i ask that you respect the reputation that this section has.. shit like that is just rarely warrented here.. in Anything Goes - Id expect to see that in every thread... not here, man. Come on.)

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Well sorry that I went abit over to the bitchy side.

Honestly it is a fair question if you have truble with it. I am only using Imageshack myself. So I have no further knowlage towards Photobucket. So I guess I should have keep my big mouth shut.

Sorry man. Hope you didn't take it to hard. It wasn't ment that way.

Truly sorry. :(

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