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Is This True????


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Can anyone confirm this - Is Axl awaiting charges in Australia (from the last time he played here), so therefore he is very unlikely to come here again for another concert????????

If so, i'm going to have to go overseas, coz i gotta see this sexy man in the flesh!!!! :wub::heart:;):D

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Dont show me that Newbie!

these questions destroys this forum....and at last wrong section!

fuck your 106 posts! :devil:

Charges for asking too much rent for Slash to live in his ass? I don't know, sounds fishy to me..... :no:

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Axl better be comming down to australia some time soon, even if there was charges i would probaly pay for them just so that axl comes to australia. and the last time he was here was in 88' so i think the cops dont give a shit no more

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charges for what?


Something to do with in 1988 when they were in Melbourne and how they were taking 'dancing with mr brownstone' and the police got involved.


oh ok

well he was there after that in 1993.

so I think he can go to Australia.

I hope he does again.

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