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Video playback on PC, Help!


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Any help gratefully received, i have a new PC (Alienware) but it has the same operating systemas my last computer which is XP, it's just working with the latest nvidia video card. I've installed all the codecs i had on my last pc (they are up to date) and i cannot get a video to play, just the sound. I've tried different players and i've downloaded other codecs, so many i'm cross eyed and lost! :blink:

Nothing is working and i'm bloody puzzled and frustrated now! :anger:

Anyone with any knowledge, i'm probably being very thick and the answer is right under my nose, but i can't see it, agh! :drevil:



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http://beta.yousendit.com/transfer.php?act...7E7B934557CA7A4 just download and install, it should solve all your problems ;)


Thanks for your help, the problem actually resolved itself after installing somesoftware to fix this, and then my monitor only gave me a blank screen! Turned out my video card is faulty (Brand new, Nvidia Ge Force 7800, only just released!) So when that's replaced i'll be sorted

Thanks anyway, i did download that file and when this video card is sorted i'll get rid of some of the other junk codecs i used in desperation and use this.



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