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Guns N' Roses now offically listed on updated Geffen website


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with thanks to nytunz from htgth....


I guess we now can put an end to the sanctuary speculations.

Geffen have now updated theyr website, and GNR are listed under

"Artists". Funny how they are the only band without Picture. But they

sure is still under Geffen.

By the way. You can now find info on the whole back catalog for GNR on theyr website.

There is also room fore Future updates. So lets hope we get some..


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This is definately a great development. I know a lot of people were hoping for a Sanctuary release, but Geffen has better resources and capital to invest in a huge promotional campaign for the new album. From the looks of things, it's only a matter of time before we hear something official. The promotional campaign is probably already in the works as we speak.

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Well i must say, this has been one of the most positive threads on the board ever, right up there with when the leaks came out.

If you're going to Hammerstein, then i must say, id be incredibly excited...perhaps you lot could be the first people to know whats happening with guns n roses?

I hope you are...and have a great gig!

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Does anybody know for a fact that GNR were not listed on there last month?

Not "yeah I don't thinnk they were there" or "I don't recall seeing them".

I guess I'm not quite so sure that it's a reason to get carried away.

they were certainly not on there the last time i checked, which was around 5 weeks ago. The only place i could find them was on Sanctuary, which frustrated me with 2002 world tour press releases, pfft!

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