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you have to be able to understand the lyrics and the depth in their guitar playing rather then the token GNR fan that only looks for the music that contains straight riffs and boring lyrics about girls and cars...rant over, and thats only a small minority but my firend is like that, he only listens to stoner rock, ass hole

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PiL are one of my favourites as well :wub: amazing band, not sure if youve seen this but this has to be the punkest!! moment on any tv show ever


hahah look at those gimps dressed in baseball outfits standing next to johhny rotten swaying to the music! they havent got a clue! "johnny wobble" :rofl-lol:

quality stuff!

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yes yes YES!!!!!!!!!! one of the greatest fucking bands ever, period! their first three albums on there own have more progression to them than any band on earth, there is literally nothing like em, totally unique perfect n unclassifiable, i didnt think it was possible to exist outside of genre, this band proves its possible, TOTAL trailblazers!

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