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Computer crashing


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Occasionally when i'm surfing the internet my computer just randomly shuts off and a blue screen appears.. so I have to turn the computer off and on again. I'm not running too many programmes or anything, I might just enter this forum and it'll crash for example.

Anyone any ideas what the problem could be?

Here's the message I get on the XP screen


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Out come the porn remarks :rolleyes:

Lol its a few years old, the computer is ok and working as it should do, it just shuts off occasionally.

It's a bit of a crappy computer tbh.

But have you added any new hardware recently, or updated your drivers? Conflicts within your hardware could cause random shutdowns/reboots.

Also, your power supply could be be dying, or your memory might be starting to go as well.

Go here: http://memtest86.com/ and download the memtest. Run it, and see if you have any errors in your memory.

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