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Dimebag squealies lesson

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I miss him....... :cry:

Me too... I want the Dimevision dvd to come out over here. :(

It probly will. Rita, Dime's GF said that there will probably be a whole series of Dimevision DVD's because they (Vinnie Paul and Rita) have 20 boxes of tapes, each with about 400 tapes in a box. Also, they're working on the Pantera Home Videos Vol. 4. Can't you just buy Dimevision off of Amazon.com or something?

PS: My pal was tellin me about it and he said, literally, most of the video is them lighting fireworks. He said when ever people would crash at Dime's house, he'd shoot roman candles at them. And Dime also threw a cheeseburger at the Damageplan singer.

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