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suggestions for new guitar $600-1000 price range

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I am looking to get a new guitar, and dont what kinds that are the best in a $600-1000 price range. Also the guitar will have to be left handed, and I have trouble finding left handed guitars. and suggestions would help thanks.

That's a pretty big price range there. Hell, that's pretty much 2 price ranges really.

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You can get a Korean Tokai Love Rock for the $600 mark. Better than the Epiphone equivalent, but not as good as a Japanese Tokai. Some of the Japanese ones play better than Gibsons - at only 2/3rds of the price.


EDIT: Damn, left handed. Fuck. But still. Tokai > Epiphone.

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ah yes being left handed sucks ass, theres nothing out there maybe u shuld try ibanez or jackson they are pretty good, depending on what type of music you play, but if you do buy an epiphone les paul just change the pickups with the extra money you have

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