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Tommy Stinson on the Jim Rome show TODAY!!!! **RUMOR**


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A tremendous Thursday to you. WHAT IS UP???? I am Jim Rome. Let's get started. This serves as a reminder to all of you. This is a reminder to you that today is the day, I will have Tommy Stinson on the program along with lead singer Paul Westerburg to talk about the "World Premiere" of the new single by the legendary band, The Replacements. I know....I know.....I do a sports show. But every now and then I'd mix in a rock star or an actor or actress. I've interviewed, Robert Plant, the guys from Blink 182, Niki Sixx, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and plenty of others.

You ask........"If it's all about the Replacements, why do I, a GnR fan care???"

Well considering that GnR is doing some shows next week. This will hopefully shed some light on where Tommy's head is at.

The show is on from 12noon til 3pm EST, and 9am - 12noon PST.

And I'll say this again, if you turn on to your local affiliate, and you don't hear me or my show. You might want to call or check up on the affiliate because some of them like to jerk with the program. Maybe tape delay it. Or cut out the first hour, second, or third for that matter. With that being said.......

Here's your affiliate listings.

Let me set this disclaimer.....

If you haven't heard my show before, I'll be very honest with you.......chances are you won't like it. It maybe a little hard to get it at first. But all I ask of you is to give it about 2 weeks that's all I'm asking. By then, maybe you will start to feel the show, or maybe you won't.

I would also like to encourage every one here to tune in tomorrow as well for the 2006 Smackoff. You'll hear me talk about that on the program also.

From the Premiere radio studios...........I am Jim Rome.


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A tremendous Thursday to you. WHAT IS UP???? I am Jim Rome. ..

Yeah, right. :rolleyes:

Everybody, this guy is not Jim Rome, but the rumor that Tommy may be on the real Jim Rome's show may possibly be true. If you have a chance, listen to the show and see. If not, no loss.


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