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AIC & GnR?


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Disclaimer: I do not believe in any way that this implies anything about a reunion!

I just saw that Alice In Chains is playing Download, as is our beloved Guns N' Roses. Duff McKagan is playing second guitar for select Alice In Chains shows on their upcoming tour, and I was wondering what people thought their interaction, if they had any, would be. If Matt Sorum, a man who has openly admitted his distaste for Axl Rose, can interact with him without punching him, then do you think Duff and Axl would hang out backstage? Kinda random, just wondering

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itl be tough to tell cuz we dont know duff or at least i dont think most of us know duff. but he might still be a lil ticked off about being called spinless ... and matt sorum also said he was the best frontman ever he just dosent like all the other old gn'r members like his direction in music.

as for what theyd do well probably talk about vr and gn'r and old time gn'r and maybe if it all works out at the end of that night theyd get along and have a diffrent out look on each other like its not like they wont have nothing to talk about they havent seen or talked to each other in abit

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AIC dates (bold underlined playing before GNR) :

05.26.06 Super Bock Super Rock Lisbon

05.28.06 Festimad Madrid

06.02.06 Rock am Ring Nurburgring

06.03.06 Rock im Park Nuremberg

06.04.06 Gods of Metal Milan

06.10.06 Download Festival Donington

06.15.06 Nova Rock Festival Nickelsdorf

06.17.06 Hultsfred Festival Hultsfred

06.24.06 Graspop Festival / Graspop Metal Meeting Dessel

06.26.06 Razzmatazz Barcelona

06.27.06 Macumba Madrid

07.01.06 Waldrock Festival Burgum

07.02.06 Goffertpark Nijmegen

GNR will play on June 11th at Download, one day after AIC.

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