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Axl's Lyrics - How Do You Relate To Them?


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I might as well be drunk as a mo...ker...

But truth is, Axl has meant alot to me. And I'm sure that he has meant alot to you.

Song like Estranged and Coma stand to a strong contrast.

His words SPEAK to me, 'cus he is talkn about himself. The latter stuff is more about him tellin me how to feel. Do you agree?

Excuse me if I am mistaking here....

I just feel it as more heartfelt when he was speaking about past things, nowdays he seems more "up to date" and more "sane" and reflected about things, or words....

How do you guys see or feel about the new songs? what do they tell you, or what do you feel that they talk about? or how do they make you feel? honestly...

I don't want any bullshit answers, I want honest and true answers, how them words really make you feel!!! Don't bother about anything else. I just need to hear it, to keep my own sanity in check.


A lost and hurt soul.

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Axl has some of the best lyrics i have ever heard. he knows how to push your emotional buttons wether it be intentionaly or naturally, he dose it. Like some of the lyrics on appitite its like the guy makes you feel how he feels. he paints a picture that you essentully cant misunderstand. whether it be the system fucken you over, or a broken heart the guy some how makes you feel. as far as im concerned he is a geinius and slash's guitar solos some how do the musical equivlent.

Rock on rock1

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