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Just Push Play


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Honestly, why can't people appreciate just how awesome this album is? It is not as good as "Honkin on Bobo" but is a million times better than anything since "Pump". I think that it's great that Aerosmith experimented with their music and came up with some seriously interesting material, the hooks on "Jaded" and "Just Push Play" are brilliant. This may not be the swinging rock some of you are interested in hearing from Aerosmith, but it is very good and well constructed pop.

Personal track recommendations: Just Push Play, Beyond Beautiful, Jaded, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

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I think Just Push Play is a great album!

Yeah it was expieremental, and some people didn't like that. But I think expeirimenting is good.

I don't especially like the song Just Push Play,because the weird language thing is kinda strange. but I really like 'Fly Away From Here', and of course Jaded is one of their best songs over all IMO.

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I really liked it, too.

The last track (can't remember the title) is my favorite.

And jaded is a great radio single.

Are you talking about "Face"? I know thats the last track on my CD but I have the Best Buy Exclusive version so it might be different for you. I love the song "Face." It's a great CD overall. A lot of great tracks.

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You guys are kidding......right?!I am a HUGE Aerosmith fan,yes I do listen to this album,but it isn't by far my most favorite one...........along with a kazillion other diehard Aero~heads!

It isn't my favorite Aerosmith album either, but it's still a really good one.

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