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When Para went to see Radiohead.

Paranoid Android

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Hurray! A review thread! With a goal! and many different types of puncuation?!?!@?1`

Last night, 9th May 2006, I wandered along to the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Lo and behold, who was there - Radiohead! What a happy coincidence. After ambling inside and being felt up by some malicious looking security staff, who decided after a few uncomfortable moments that I wasn't harbouring any assassination plots, I made my way to the most wonderful place you can go on a day out. The Gift Shop.

It wasn't as though I had anything better to do - the support act, Willy Mason was due on stage at 8:00pm, and It was 7:30. It was then that the first true shock of the night set in. T-Shirts cost 30 euros. Being a fairly happy person, I laughed at the sight of the 4 euros in my wallet, and set off to the nearest Pizza Vendor.

Willy Mason trundled on stage bearing only an acoustic guitar at roughly 7:45 - 15 mins early! (Who said the Yanks were always late, 'eh?). He played a few mediocre songs that sounded mostly the same (Genesis - I know how Ironic that last sentence must be for you. But remember who was First. And it wasn't Keane.). Before trundling off stage again a while later. In all fairness to him, he is only 19, and was good, but I was far too pre-occupied with the idea of seeing one of my all time favourite bands live in a very small space. Try this: ""Oxygen"" though. 6/10!

Then, about 20 mins too early, Radiohead came on. Well actually that’s an exaggeration. Firstly, everywhere went pitch black, and yelling ensued. Suddenly a local Dutch radio station came on over the loud speaker and was being remixed, replayed, cut and edited by some unknown force. THEN, radiohead walked out, to much yelling mind.

The rest of the gig was an absolute blur of sounds, cheering, jumping, silence, laughter and confusion. The confusion comes from standing next to a man who myself and my friend dubbed "One-Man-Rage". It was the usual moron you get at concerts - Drinking pints of beer, tattoos, and trying to start fights with everyone else. He started going crazy and must have been on E. We just made sure whenever he jumped we pointed our elbows out. I got him right in the head..

I've been told the set list was as follows:

1. Everything In Its Right Place

2. The National Anthem (The bass on this track made the FLOOR vibrate.)

3. 15 Step

4. Lucky

5. 2+2=5

6. Bangers 'N' Mash

7. Nude

8. Pyramid Song (For the First time, everyone went silent and just listened to the loveliness.)

9. Open Pick

10. I Might Be Wrong

11. Paranoid Android (Thom stopped the band mid way through the song and said "Ah, fuck it. Lets play the next song." to which everyone shouted at the tops of their voices at him. He laughed and they all carried on playing it)

12. How To Disappear Completely

13. Karma Police (EVERYONE in the damn hall knew ALL the words.)

14. Bodysnatchers

15. Idioteque

16. No Surprises

17. There There

-Encore- My friend swears he summoned them. I think it was the constant cheering for 10 mins.

18. Spooks

19. House Of Cards

20. Just

21. You And Whose Army? (Thom (on piano) and Johnny (lead guitarist) were doing this as almost a duet. Johnny mucked up half way through - Everyone cheered. They started again a second later and both couldn’t stop laughing. )

-Encore2- The second summoning.

22. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

What a night. Even for people who don't like radiohead, the set was varied, quick, slow, quick, slow, MEDIUM, and all the rest. It was fantastic. Not even the over-priced T-Shirts could have ruined it.


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Hey well done. I tried to browse for tickets but me and my Radiohead friend (he likes Radiohead, he's not called Radiohead) couldnt be arsed to go nowhere near where we lived. Ah the days of big bands playing the Colston Hall...

Glad you had fun. PKus, remember:

Everybody's changing, and I dont feel right...

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