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The Darkness


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I recently started liking the Darkness after I heard the song "i believe in a thing called love"..and well, whenever I ask people what they think of the band, I always hear the same "they're a joke" which I find pretty stupid cuz I don't think any band could be a "joke".

I just wanted to know if you guys take them seriously or not... cuz I think the lead singers' falsetto is just amazing!

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Guest cherry_bomb

i used to liek them a lot, not anymore. i feel really sorry for them as they deserve success as technically they are talented, but the way they market themselves was doomed from the start.

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Great band. They've received a lot of flak, just for being a fun band, and that's just unfair. Yes, they're not doing anything new, but who is nowadays? What new things are there to do? At least they draw their influences from a lot of places. They've produced some really catchy songs. I dunno about you, but I found songs like Love Is Only A Feeling quite moving, in a light hearted way.

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