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Hammerstein Venue Question


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Hey guys and gals. I'm going to the first show on May 12th, and the weather forcast for Friday is heavy rain in NYC. I'm just curious if anybody has been to the Hammerstein before, as I haven't, and if you are able to get inside the venue at all to get out of the rain? Doors open at 7:30PM according to the ticket, and I'm wondering if that refers to the doors to the outside, or just the doors to the inner hall (or if the main entrance goes right into the hall).

I'd rather not bring an umbrella with me, but it would suck to be drenched for the show if I'm gonna be standing out in the rain before the doors open...

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I'm not going to stand around in line in the rain. I'll sit in a bar across the street and once I see people going in, I'll stroll over. No point waiting in the rain, just to be miserable while listening to Bullet For My Valentine and waiting who knows how long for the main event. I'd suggest mellowing out about the whole "I need to get in line early, get in early and get in front of the stage and stay there all night". You'll enjoy the whole event if you relax and let the night unfold.

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it is an indoor venue

Yea...the show's inside. But it looks like it might be raining outside, and the problem is that we will probably have to wait in the rain before the doors open.

I decided I'm just going to bring a poncho...they come in pretty small packages and I'll just throw it in my pocket. If it rains, I wear it and throw it out when they open the doors, if not, it stays wrapped up for another day :)

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Yeah motherfucking rain :anger::anger::fuckyou::fuckyou: I'll bring an umbrella, cheap one, then just throw it in the garbage :krider:


someone has the right idea, its common sense

also those water proof pants and jackets u can put over ur normal clothes work brilliantly, when u get in u can just throw em away or roll em up and put em in your pocket(they're really compact)

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