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You know, Nirvana has some good songs. Im not too big on grundge or anything, but Im sitting here listening to the album Nirvana, and Kurt really seems to like repeating himself over and over again. It gets a little anoying after saying "Yeah" 10 times or, "No I dont Have a gun..." 2 times or "You know youre right..." gets a little old after about 15 times.

I got nothing against Nirvana and I like some of their songs, but a lot of these lyrics just get a little repetitive. Has anyone else noticed this and do you think Kobain overdid it a bit?

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

That's what is called a "refrain".

Never bothered me, the man had lyrics to spare, he just emphasized particular phrases.

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Sort of on topic: Nirvana are interesting and intriguing to listen to, but are they really that great? Cobain's lyrics are effective in an eerie way, but if you look at most songs, he writes very little then repeats himself again and again. Although there are some memorable riffs I honestly know better guitarists who can write better material. The only thing that REALLY hits me while listening to Nirvana is Dave Grohl who has to be one of my favorite drummers.

Overall, I think that yes, he is a bit repetitive with lyrics, although that in itself is part of why they are effective in an eerie fashion. Cobain is far from being one of my favorite lyricists, or in my opinion one of the best, but he still manages to keep you hooked somehow.

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Was a huge Nirvana fan - Yes he repeats himself, but Outside of Come as you are, it never bothered me

Not sure what made me lose respect for Cobain more, the fact that he blew his mouth out of the back of his head or the fact that he actually said Guns N' Roses are talentless.................

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