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What Do You Think About American Idol


What Do You Think About American Idol  

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i liked bo bice last year cuz he was into the whole southern rock thing....but thats' all

other than that i think its crap... <_<

i also liked chris daughtry at the beggining when he sang a 'fuel' song and when he did 'walk the line'..

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I can't believe Chris Daughtry is out of the competition.. :no:

I wanted him so badly to be next American Idol.. :)

I loved when he sang Hemorrhage in my hands from Fuel.. :wub:

I'm not going to watch it anymore..They made a big mistake last night. :angry:

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eat my doritos and watch This show...yelled at the biatch...

Fart on my sofa..i'm annoying myself...and i begin to ponder exactly how aware some people are that they're making horrible shows...and i fart more...

so yeah i enjoyed the show..but yet i'm a unfathomably ignorant, at best, or completely delusional...

Typing from misfit land...

CD will bury you in your cheapest pine box....


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I only watched a little of it. I wanted the skinny guy with glasses or the guy with gray hair to win. Are they still in it?

Not like I watch the show at a weekly basis or anything but....

the guy with the glasses' name is Kevin Covais and no, he is not here anymore..

the guy with the gray hair's name is Taylor Hicks and he is still in the show...

:unsure: i repeat, its not like i watch the show a lot.... [runs out of the forum]

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