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New Axl Picture

Almost Famous

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The shirt is still too fuckin' big.

But how much better does he look with a black leather jacket and a nice pair of shades?

dude the shirts fine, would you rather bling.... and raper style clothing?.

it's up to the axe what he wears, but i think he looks best in T.shirts and bandana and so on!.

just my opinion!.

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OMGzZzZzZzZzZzZzzzz!!!!!!!111!!11!!!!!!!1! He's wearing a leather jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1! he's back like to his OOOLD SELF..

1.) The Black Crows are lame.

2.) The quote you have for them, though in a song they sing, wasn't even written by them- it's a cover.

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Fuck all those autograph-for-profit seekers. That's all they do is put it on ebay and make money from it. Axl should only sign them to a specific person, several athletes and other celebs do that cuz then its not worth much if it is sold.

EDIT: Axl probably knows this, maybe he is doing it on purpose as part of the 'comeback' process. If the GNR comeback is hits big then I bet he stops signing for ebay hounds and the like.

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