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**Official**GNR show for the 12th live blog - official thread


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Good morning, all.

This will be the official thread for all the action. Expect the first 'real' update here once I land / get settled in NYC (figure around Noon, Eastern time.) I'll have some pics online at the time but don't get too excited, chances are it will be of stuff like the plane, the airport, and a somewhat rainy NYC)

Expect the first 'goodies' from the pre-party to roll in about 2PM-3PM Eastern or so. And of course updates from the Hammerstein will occur both in the lineup outside as well as info once I'm in the venue.

Peace out for now, and see you in NYC. ciao.


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Just FYI, any pics people send me will also be posted in this thread.

You can email pics to me of the preshow or DURING the show (if you've taken any) to:


I'll upload them to some ftp space that's been graciously made available to us for just this purpose (hosting pics).

And then post the pics here.

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Riiiiight... so for us "chaps" in England, what time should be be here to witness this? *the time's 2pm here*

Sometime AROUND 2 AM your time will be when BFMV goes on (that's 9 PM NYC time). Gnr will probably hit the stage sometime between 3:30 AM and 4 AM your time, I would think.

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