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people who arent going to the NYC shows


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what are you doing to commemorate this GREAT night

i am watching all of my GNR shows i allready watched

the ritz 88


GNR Metalica tour 1992

o and also staying on the forum all day for updates


share some of the stuff your gonna be doing today

rock3 rock2 rock1 :P

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I'm currently listening to 'You're crazy', watching the Jonathon Ross show (a really annoying guy is currently on--cant remember who he is) and I'm on here checking for updates. I would watch shows, but I'm on the internet, so can't.

Oh, I also just PM'd Dizzy's nephew :tongue2:

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hand, tissue and gnr bootlegs... all there is to be said really :P


Same here I guess. Just change the bootlegs to porn and I'm there.

I'm not overhyping this. I am excited over it. But its just a long awaited show and I will read about it tomorrow morning. maybe getting some bootleg if I'm lucky. But nothing more then that. If I'm awake when the show is going on. I guess I will be following Darkmus's live blogging. But nothing major.

Just chill and looking forward to the 28th

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Well,i'm home right now.. :)

I was watching this morning the Live in Tokyo DVD,my heart and my mind actually is in NY City,i can't think on anything else.. :P

And tonight i'm going to a birthday party,i'm going to have a few cocktails and then i'll comeback to my house to check out the forum to know what's happening at the concert. rock3 I don't think i'm going to sleep tonight.. :rolleyes:

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Me and my wife are sitting here listening to live era 87-93, taking a few beers, following the forums and just having a great night!!!

We're going to see them the 28 of June in Oslo and cant wait to see who the new guitarist is. I'm pretty sure it wont be any of the old members. My only hope is that it will be a dude with GN'R attitude!!

Party on guys and gals :D

This is a great night!!!!!!!!!!

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Well Ill be just staying up, listening to GN'R and waiting till the news start appearing :shades:

If GN'R gets to the stage @ 11pm NY time it'll be 6 am here but I dont really care..

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