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Gnr fans reviews from NYC May 12 Gig


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Ok, here's my attempt at a review. Keeping in mind that I've been up for almost 24 hours now and I'm uber-wrecked, but what the hell, I'll try.

A. Acoustics. I give this a B+. Mainly because it seemed there were some feedback issues with the mics early on. As the show continued, it got better though.

B. Axl's stage presence (not his voice, I'll get to that in a moment) A+++ - I am not kidding. The guy had so much energy its fucking ridiculous. In addition, he moved around a hell of alot more than he did in 2002 - and sounded loads better doing it, too.

C. The rest of the band's stage presence A+++ Also. These guys can play and they make it look good, too. Hell, even Chris Pitman actually looked like a ball full of energy up there swinging his yellow polaroid keyboard to the beat of the music (yes, I'm serious)

D. Axl's voice. A+++++ - There is no other way to put it. This is not the Axl of 2002. This is the Axl of .. hell... not even the 90's. His voice is stronger, he's got the rasp when he wants it.. he hits the highs without the 'helium' affect. This was especially apparent when he sang "The Blues" - and also, IRS. How the hell he manages those notes for those lengths of time, I have no clue.

E. The Rants / stagespeak.. ummm.... Incomplete? I guess I'm just used to Axl babbling alot more up there. He didn't really have much to say tonight. Called us a bunch of downloading motherfuckers, which I thought was funny. Said NYC is trying to "kill him" (as in because the city lets hm stay out and party all the time), Hand a mini-mini rant (like 4 sentences or so) about people who think they are informed about what goes on in GNR, but it never really went anywhere.

F. The setlist. A-, but for greedy reasons. Obviously I would have loved to hear another track that we haven't yet heard but it was great to hear him do songs like Out Ta Get me, Nighttrain (an AMAZING performance), and Its so Easy done with so much more... I can't describe it.. umm.. perfection than in 2002. Also, Axl seemed really happy which was cool. I rather wish Rocket Queen wasn't left off the setlist but trust me, when you hear that middle 'screaming' part in Better, it will make up for it.. Holy hell it will.

G. Overall experience A+++ All the way. I've now seen Guns live 5 times. This was my first experience with the post UYI lineup. I dont know if it was the closeness (the damn guy was like 5 feet away from me on the stage), the arena size in general,. the energy level, or what - but this was by FAR better than any of the 2002 performances I've seen. I would gladly pay bookoo bucks for a soundboard recording of this show - and I'd immediately play it to anyone who says "Guns is nothing without (insert x name here)" - Because, wow, would this show prove that statement wrong. Bumblefoot did fine.. he goofed the NR solo a bit.. but not horribly so.

A couple other quick review type notes.

A. Can someone please run Bullet for my Valentine's tourbus off the road and put them out of their misery? I don't mean to hurt them but to stop them from being able to get to the Hammerstein. I guesss they were 'ok' but the crowd was pretty much telling them to 'fuck off' the whole time. Probably not the best situation to be in for a band. In addition, I just didn't dig their performance.

B. Watching drunk people is funny. Watching drunk people fly into crowd members.. not so much so. If you're gonna drink, cool - but damn, please don't get so sloshed that you pretty much have no recollection of the show, anyway.


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Guest JohnUlmer

Awesome dark! So basically his voice is far beyond 2002? That's great. I can't wait to hear The Blues. Did you get any photos or anything inside the ballroom?

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Great review, thanks for posting!!! rock3

Darknemus, so in your opinion you'd says this was an almost perfect opening? I.e the music critics can't write anything else but "Fucking amazing" in their headlines tomorrow? ;)

Did the new songs sound very different from the leaked demos?

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it's good to see someone else who hasn't gotten a lot of sleep and is awake and drunk

it's good to hear the band sounded good, but did you really need to go past one A+?

Yes, yes he did. Thanks, Dark. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for considering all of us on a night where you could've just laid back and enjoyed the show. Glad it was the best show for you, and thanks again.

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From a HTGTH poster..

Songs I remember: Jungle, ISE, Brownstone, Better, Live n Let Die, KNockin, My Michelle (with Sabastian), YCBM, SCOM, IRS, TWAT, Maddy, CHinese Democracy, The Blues, NR, Nightrain, Paradise City

I sat Floor, in the back. Met the person who runs TheNewGuns.com Huh

anyway, Axl was amazing, he was really into it. the energy wasn't quite like MSG, but thats b/c there were more new songs and less people capacity. the music wasn't excellent, it was just good. they sounded great as a band, but the guitar parts I had a problem with.....here's why

THERE's NO REASON AT ALL FOR BUMBLEFUCK to be in this band....he looks like he just came out of a bar band and is like 39 yrs old...he serves NO PURPOSE, as a matter of fact, he kinda sucked...he TRIED being like Bucket.....NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!

actually, he and robin had 2 solos each, and all 4 sucked really bad, but i like robin, he has a cool look......bumblefuck has NO LOOK at all....what a bad move bringing this old 80s throwback into the band....he has NO IMAGE and tried to play but it just wasn't happening....

there were times it felt like all 3 guitars were playing rhythm and NO ONE was playing LEAD!!!!!!!!!! go figure!

the best person in the group: Axl without a doubt, then Robin **** HE STAGE DOVE TWICE DURING PARADISE CITY....after the first time, he grabbed the mic, mumbled something, then jumped back in, ery cool

the best song: without a doubt, BETTER.....it was AWESOME......i think they fucked IRS up.....TWAT had a long jam at the end.....

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A band that looked more exciting in 02' sounded a lot BETTER tonight!!!

Better was awesome, and being around people that knew the lyrics was an amazing experience!!!

I was tired as hell though, and I was probably the only one that hadnt been drinking all day!!!

I've never seen people SOOO f'n drunk!!! It was everybody!!!

I'm goin back Monday!!!

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Okay… well, I started out at Mustang Harry’s, met some cool people, headed over around 7 - the line was around the block… it was about 3 blocks long and I didn’t actually get into the building until like 8:30. My friend and I then rushed up front as close to the stage as possible, we ended up really close. Bullet opened. They got booed. They played about 45 mins, then GNR went on at 11. They opened with Jungle, then It’s So Easy and Mr. Brownstone, although during these I have no idea what was going on, my friend and I were fighting for our lives. I literally thought I was going to break some ribs, there was some serious violence up front. Then they went into Better and things started calming down a little… I think a lot of people were like “what the hell song is this?” You could really tell the true fans because we knew every word to every song, while some people just stood there during the leak songs…. Anyway, Axl chatted about how much he loves New York City. He also commented on how some people think they know what’s going on in the band, but they don’t. He said Better was a Robin song, to clarify it to all those shit-talkers who think they know all the inside info, but don’t. On they played… he introduced the band. Bumblefoot did a semi-lengthy solo, he has a foot-shaped guitar. He was good, I mean I know he has giant shoes to fill, but I’ll give respect where it’s due.… Axl joked before he went into IRS, something about “I see you guys singing along, little motherfuckers, you must’ve downloaded ‘em” or something’ haha… Baz came out and sang My Michelle, it was fuckin’ awesome. Axl played piano on November Rain… this is where I started crying. It was just surreal, I don’t know… I lost it. Anyway, all the guitarists got in their fair share of solos, and they all sounded great. They’ve really rehearsed this set… and, no, it’s not the original line-up, but they didn’t do quite as many “original” songs, so you really got to hear what the new guys have added to it.

As far as merch goes, there were a few new GNR Hammerstein shirts.

Axl got in a dig about Matt… when he introduced Brain he said something like “Someone said 'where the hell was this guy when we hired Matt' *kind of awkward quietness* I dunno, I thought it was funny”

There was pyro a few times and some red and yellow confetti at the end. No mention of a release date, no unheard songs, no real rants…

The solos were executed pretty well from where I was, although the acoustics weren't too great where I was. What I heard was good. Maddy seemed a bit heavier, and IRS sounded a little different in parts, but there weren't any times where I cringed and thought "ouch, that could've been better"

Axl looked and sounded AMAZING. Actually, amazing doesn't even describe it. He was unbelievable... I don't know what he's been doing since 02, but he's on top of his game in every way

Over-all, it blew me away. It was as great as I had imagined it and then-some... seriously, this is an exciting year

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A. Can someone please run Bullet for my Valentine's tourbus off the road and put them out of their misery? I don't mean to hurt them but to stop them from being able to get to the Hammerstein. I guesss they were 'ok' but the crowd was pretty much telling them to 'fuck off' the whole time. Probably not the best situation to be in for a band. In addition, I just didn't dig their performance.


Hahahahahahaha. Fuck yeah dude!!!! Yeah i heard as they were going off some dudes gave them the finger and several profanity laced good byes.

Im so fucking Glad GNR are back!! Hope some of u dudes will get some audio or vids up.

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I didn't see tonights show - mainly because I live in europe ( :P ) but i happen to love Bumblefoot and think he's an fantastic guitarist. Much cooler in every way than Bucket. So I don't know. My feeling says that he rocked more than you think.

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