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Official 12th May Picture Thread

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Guest JohnUlmer


very cool, lovin the jacket

And so we get our first smile.

Axl looks awesome in those pics. Looks like he listened to the fans and finally ditched the ghetto look. This band may actually be one I won't be ashamed of admitting I like anymore. :)

EDIT: I apologize for responding here, I forgot I was viewing a photo-only thread (I'm losing track here!).

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i got 2 pics from front row with my camera phone (not the clearest but worth posting) i also got bumble's autograph on my ticket and i got brain's drumstick from the show. how do i upload the photos when posting??

although i'm against your username i'll still help :P


this explains it pretty well

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Wow - some really great pics coming through.

PS - Fridayfan13, please refrain from posting yout HUGE pointless pic, be a good boy ;)


Agreed. Axl looks like the same frontman he's always been. Exciting and electric, just like a frontman should be. No one compares these days. Good to see Axl is still kicking ass!

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